Rain Chains…..A Beautiful Alternative to Downspouts!

When I am out estimating, one of the most common discussions I have with people are in regards to downspout location. Let's face it, a 3"x3" aluminium pipe coming down the front or side of the house is not the most aesthetic feature of your home! However, in some cases, there is a beautiful and [...]

Rain Chains…..A Beautiful Alternative to Downspouts!2017-03-20T16:20:13-04:00

Downspout Disconnection from Storm Sewers

In the last month, I completed over 50 estimates on houses to replace their eavestroughs. More than half had their downpipes running into a pipe at the foundation of their homes that is directly connected to the city storm sewers. This system worked 30 to 50 years ago. However, with the housing boom and all [...]

Downspout Disconnection from Storm Sewers2017-03-20T16:20:13-04:00

Mitred Corners vs Pre-made Corners

When I have work done around my house, I always try and do my homework and hire professionals who specialize in their trade. The reason I hire professionals who specialize in their trade is that you generally get a quality job. When it comes to eavestrough, it is no different. There are very few eavestrough [...]

Mitred Corners vs Pre-made Corners2017-03-20T16:20:13-04:00

Ice Dams Revisited

I've written about Ice Dams before so I am not intending for this article to be a rehash of what I wrote previously. My other article "Oh No! It's an Ice Dam!" http://theeavestroughcompany.blogspot.ca/2013/02/oh-no-its-ice-dam.html was quite thorough in what causes Ice Dams and how to attempt to solve them. Every single winter I get people phoning me about [...]

Ice Dams Revisited2017-03-20T16:20:14-04:00

How to get a cheap eavestrough job (and guarantee sub-standard work)!

Here is an interesting ad I came across on Kijiji: Looking for someone to do the eavestrough at my house as cheap as possible. Sides of house are 38 in length 25 at rear and 10 in front. 1 downspout on each side of house. Need a rough estimate on what this will cost me. [...]

How to get a cheap eavestrough job (and guarantee sub-standard work)!2017-03-20T16:20:14-04:00

Home Depot Eavestrough and Siding

Home Depot....A name you can trust! Well, of course, we all shop there. It's a great store. In the last few years, the Home Depot and other big box stores like Lowes and Rona have begun to strongly promote their contractor service of eavestrough installation. Eavestrough, soffit, fascia, siding, even roofing.....they do it all. Earlier [...]

Home Depot Eavestrough and Siding2017-03-20T16:20:14-04:00