When I am out estimating, one of the most common discussions I have with people are in regards to downspout location. Let’s face it, a 3″x3″ aluminium pipe coming down the front or side of the house is not the most aesthetic feature of your home! However, in some cases, there is a beautiful and functional alternative. It’s called, the rain chain! They have been in use in Japan for hundreds of years, quite often on Temples and residences. The Japanese call them “kusari dos”. Since the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Rain Chains have steadily grown in Canada and The United States.
Rain chains are a beautiful alternative for conventional eavestrough downspouts. Where conventional downspouts are often hidden or placed out of sight so as to not detract from the look of a home or structure, rain chains can accent the architecture and add curb appeal. Rain chains channel water downward from the eavestrough via a series of hollow cups or a stylish chain link.
Here is a video by a company that sells rain chains:
Rain Chains can be made out of any type of metal, including copper. They make a beautiful and relaxing noise as the water travels down the chain. I have even seen a few houses that simply had a hardware store chain wired up to the downspout. Like this one in Burlington, Ontario.


Here is an excellent youtube video of someone who used a chain:
When I discuss rain chains to my customers in Ontario, Canada, invariably they always ask if rain chains ice up in the winter time. The answer? Yes, they do and they are a spectacular sight in winter! Just look at these photos!




So there you have it! A beautiful alternative to a convention downspout! Rain Chains are simply BEAUTIFUL!