When I have work done around my house, I always try and do my homework and hire professionals who specialize in their trade. The reason I hire professionals who specialize in their trade is that you generally get a quality job. When it comes to eavestrough, it is no different. There are very few eavestrough companies in the Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville area that actually do quality work.

One of the ear marks of a professional eavestrough job is that all corners are mitred CLEANLY.  On the flip side, one of the earmarks of an amateur company is that they do not know how to mitre an eavestrough and, instead, use a pre-made factory mitred corner. Before we get into comparing them. Let me show you pictures of both styles of corners. The mitred corners below are on a house that The Eavestrough Company did two years ago. The pictures below with the pre-made factory corners are on a house that we will be replacing all eavestroughs on soon.
The mitred corner:
The Pre-made factory corner:
Here are some interesting things to keep in mind when considering companies that mitre their corners vs those that use the pre-made factory corner.
1.  The mitred corner is a TRUE seamless eavestrough. The pre-made corner is not!
2. The mitred corner has one seam in every corner. The pre-made factory corner has 3 seams in every corner.
3. The mitred corner will oxidize evenly over the years and will look the same. The pre-made factory corner may oxidize at a different rate and look like a completely different shade or colour (as our picture above).
4. It is easier to slope a mitred corner than a pre-made factory corner.
5. Water has a harder time travelling around 3 beads of caulking inside the corner rather than just one bead of caulking.
6. The pre-made factory corner is more prone to leaking as it ages.
7. Pre-made factory corners just don’t look as nice!
8. Pre-made factory corners are done by amateurs who don’t know how to mitre an eavestrough!
If you are looking to replace the eavestroughs on your home, hire a professional company like The Eavestrough Company. We do it right and our corners are a beautiful sight! My partner, Dusko, makes one of the prettiest and cleanest corners you will ever see! You can find us on the internet at www.theeavestroughcompany.com or you can phone us at 905-966-2564. We look forward to doing business with you! I will leave you with a picture of the house that we did a couple years ago where we did all the eavestrough, fascia, soffit, and Diamond Back Gutter Covers. It turned out beautifully and there were a lot of corners on this house…….ALL mitred to perfection!