Each year I do around 500 to 600 estimates. Most homes are straight forward in regards to where a downpipe should go. Numerous homes, however, have a downpipe that needs to be placed near a side walk way, a back patio, or out onto a lawn where the homeowner wants to cut the grass. Every year I would have customers ask me if there was any solution so that they could get their downspout extension out of the way! Usually, I would steer them toward a flexible plastic pipe extension that could be moved from side to side but not out of the way completely.


Then, last year, I came across a product called ZIP Hinge. I looked at it, examined it, and thought to myself, “This looks like it will work!” ZIP Hinge is made out of steel. It is super strong! Another thing I liked about it was that becomes part of the existing elbows the eavestrougher installs!
Needless to say, I bought one and installed it! It worked like a charm! I ended up installing quite a few last year and my customers loved them! Take a look at Zip Hinge’s promotional video. It works exactly as shown!
The Zip Hinge is a fantastic product that provides the home owner with a solution to getting that downspout out of the way! You just have to remember after you flip it up, you need to flip it down! The one thing they don’t show you in the video is the clip that helps hold the downspout in place once it is flipped up. Below is a picture I took showing the clip:

Zip Hinges are NOT available at any DIY stores. You must get them through an installer. They also state in the video that they can be painted to match the colour of the downspout. This is true, but keep in mind, only an eavestrough company with a commercial account is able to obtain spray paint for you that is an exact colour match.  Below, see how they can be painted for an exact colour match.
The ZIP Hinge gets two thumbs up from me! I intend on installing them for my customers in the future because they work! If you would like more information on eavestrough contact The Eavestrough Company at www.theeavestroughcompany.com or phone us at 905-966-2564.