I love my work. Every day is different, you meet many new and nice people and sometimes you come across things that are unique and hilarious! I know in the roofing and eavestrough business that there are some rough characters and that a good number use illegal drugs and alcohol. My workers, to my knowledge, do not use illegal drugs or have alcohol addictions. However, while out doing estimates earlier last month I was measuring a house in an upscale Burlington neighbour hood and some roofers were smoking marijuana right in their customers driveway in broad daylight! The smell was ominous, neighbours who were outside were angry, AND someone called the Police. I was sitting in my vehicle only about 30 ft away from the roofers who were lighting up and having a great time. They were getting high on pot and then were going right back up on the roof to do their work. Please don’t tell me that I am the only one who sees something wrong with this scenario! 😮  It’s out right stupid to be high on marijuana and then get on a roof! Here is what I saw.


There they are in their mini van! They must also be singing “One toke over the line sweet Jesus!” LOL They were having a blast until…….Halton Police rolled up behind them. The roofing stopped and they were in the back of a Police car….as seen below.

Can you imagine being the home owner having your workers arrested on your property? What an embarrassment!

Now imagine this! Do you think these workers are covered by WSIB? NO! They are a fly by night company. Who do you think is solely responsible if one of these workers are high on marijuana and fall off the roof or ladder and get hurt or killed? The homeowner, that’s who!

It does not pay to hire workers like this. I encounter homeowners on a regular basis who are more concerned about the price of  the work they pay for rather than getting a great and perfect job done on their house. It does not pay to hire these guys. The risk is too high and good luck with trying to get any warranty from their work.

My advice? Hire a reputable company that would never tolerate workers like this. We, at The Eavestrough Company do great work and we back our work with a stellar 10 year warranty. And I promise you this. None of my workers will show up and smoke marijuana on your property. My workers do not use illegal drugs. If you want your eavestrough job done right, contact The Eavestrough Company at 905-966-2564 or visit our website atwww.theeavestroughcompany.com. We are the Eavestrough Specialists in the Golden Horseshoe area!