Let me be very clear on this! EAVESTROUGH IS NOT A DIY JOB! Some people think they can just go to their local Lowes or Home Depot and buy all their materials, go home and hang their own eavestrough. DIY gutters are usually plastic and come in standard 10 ft sections. Plastic gets brittle, especially in the cold. It cracks very easily and it  is also impossible to have seamless eavestrough with DIY store materials, resulting in numerous water leaks. I remember a customer about 5 years ago who called me up and wanted me to “repair” his eavestrough and put gutter protection on his home. When I arrived for the estimate, I noticed he had recently installed his own plastic eavestrough. I notice water leaking from every corner and end cap! However, he was proud as a peakcock showing me the eavestrough he installed. I gently tried to discuss how plastic eavestrough had its challenges in a Canadian climate. When I asked him if his eavestrough leaked in a rain he bodly exclaimed, “Oh yes, they leak everywhere!” I had to politely tell this customer that I could not install gutter protection in his new plastic eavestrough.

That’s why SEAMLESS aluminum is the industry standard for eavestrough. It never rusts and it’s weather-resistant. We also want to use at least .23 gauge aluminum for all eavestrough so they will be durable and last. That’s why I only recommend seamless eavestroughs done right by a professional!

Professionals, like us at The Eavestrough Company, use a roll forming machine to make seamless eavestroughs. I have made eavestroughs as long as 150′  in one continuous piece! I can customize an eavestrough to fit the length of any roof. It’s the only way an eavestrough should be done and it’s the only way to prevent leaks.

Professionals also make sure the entire eavestrough is sloped correctly. Otherwise, water is going to pool and can not properly drain. You want something that’s going to last. Doing it right the first time means you don’t have to do it again for decades. You need to bring in the right people for the right job, so get a professional to install your eavestrough.

Here’s how to know if the company you are hiring is truly a professional eavestorugh company and not a fly by night company:

1. The company specializes in Eavestrough. It’s what they do.
2. They have their own truck and eavestrough machine.
3. They have been in the eavestrough business a minumum of 5 years.
4. They do not sub-contract the job out to another company.
5. They do not hire another company to “roll and drop” the eavestrough so that they can install it.
6. They buy their aluminum from a reputable supplier like Boncor, Gentek, or Kaycan.
7. They have an HST number.
8. They carry full and proper WSIB and Liability Insurance.
9. They provide you with a professional and detailed estimate that fully indicates ALL work to be done.
10. They miter their corners AND DO NOT use premade factory corners.
11. They can provide references and can provide addresses that you can go and look at of work that they have done.
12. They have a strong warranty on their workmanship.

At The Eavestough Company, we offer all of the above and do quality work. Call us at 905-966-2564 for a free estimate or visit our website at