Eavestrough Installation

Our advanced fastening system utilizes the very best hidden hanger on the market. This eliminates the old way of installing eavestrough with nails and ferrules which can be seen through the front of the eavestrough and loosen easier over time. The Eavestrough Company only uses a hidden bracket system including heavy duty brackets and screws, which are always screwed, never nailed.

  • We install 5″ or 6″ eavestrough.

  • We use superior Gentek, Boncor and Kaycan products which offer a wide variety of colours.

  • We install only extra large downspouts, which handle 33% more water, to increase drainage and reduce the chance of downspouts becoming obstructed.

  • All of our corners are hand mitred for a long lasting and custom seal.

  • We are proud to install the Alu-Rex product line, the most advanced gutter system on the market with the best warranty.


10 Things You Need To Know … Before Hiring an Eavestrough Company!

Make sure that the company you decide to hire is fully insured with an adequate amount of liability and property damage insurance and is also registered with WSIB (Workers Safety & Insurance Board). Installing eavestrough systems and related products does carry an element of risk so make sure that you are protected. Making sure that the company you choose for eavestrough services is fully and properly insured, is one step to making sure that you will be involved with a legal and professional company. Both insurances are very costly and MANY companies do not carry
insurance. If you hire them, they are YOUR responsibility and potential liability. The Eavestrough Company carries $2 million liability
insurance with the Co-Operators of Canada and we are fully insured by WSIB. Give us a call at 905-966-2564.
Look for a company that specializes in eavestroughs to ensure that you will get the quality work you deserve. Often a company that focuses on just one area of the home improvement industry will be able to provide a more specialized service. It only makes sense that a company who specializes in eavestrough will be able to give a superior job due to specialized equipment and training. Be careful of companies offering a variety of services when choosing your eavestrough company. Hiring a roofer to install your eavestrough is akin to asking the plumber to do your electrical work! At The Eavestrough Company, we specialize in Eavestrough! Give us a call at 905-966-2564.
A major downfall of many companies who intend well but fall short on delivery is subcontracting. This is when a company hires or “farms out” part or all of your work to a completely different person or company. The vision and quality of the company you choose to hire is usually not reflected by a sub-contractor. This results in the home owner/property owner not getting the quality and service that he/she deserves. Another draw back to subcontracting is that if you need the company to come back and repair something, it is difficult to get the original company back to fix the problem! At The Eavestrough Company you have our promise that we NEVER sub-contract work to another company. We do ALL of our own work. Give us a call at 905-966-2564.
Be sure that the company you choose offers a strong workmanship warranty. Many companies advertise that they have a warranty,
but be sure that it is a workmanship warranty and not just a manufacturer’s warranty. A lot of companies also may have a workmanship warranty but it may be a very weak one. Choose a company that is confident in the skills of their professional eavestrough installers
and be sure that the company can back their work with a strong workmanship warranty. The Eavestrough Company offers a full 10 year warranty against any work defects! That’s the best in the business! Give us a call at 905-966-2564.
It is important to make sure that the company you choose to install your eavestrough has been in business long enough to prove
themselves and actually be able to HONESTLY make their claims. Do your homework and find out how long the eavestroughing company you are
considering has been in business to help ensure they have a basis for these claims and that they have experience in the
eavestrough industry. You should look for an eavestrough company with at least a 4-year history as many companies go out of business within their first 2 years of operation! The Eavestrough Company passes this test with flying colours!
Your eavestrough company should be able to provide you with a list of references upon your request. If they have happy customers,
in all likelihood, you will be one of them! They should also be able to point you to some of their previous work so you can go see it for yourself. If they can’t provide you with this it might be best to look for another company!. Much of The Eavestrough Company’s work comes from referral work from happy customers. That’s another reason to consider having us do your work! Call us at 905-966-2564.
The company you choose should provide you with these important documents. On each of these documents you should insure that all company information is professionally printed and not hand written. A professional and legal company will have these for you. The Eavestrough Company
provides you with a professionally printed estimate that has our HST number printed on the form.
Many companies keep their estimates vague and do not provide detailed estimates. Make sure you know how many feet of eavestrough and downpipes are going to be installed on your house and where. You do not want to be surprised in the end with a much higher than quoted cost! The Eavestrough Company provides very detailed invoices. We believe it is important to be upfront and honest. In the end, our price is our price!
All legitimate companies must be registered with the Government and collect and submit
HST. If they cannot provide you with this number, THEY ARE NOT A LEGITIMATE
Be sure that the company you hire is using quality eavestrough materials. Some companies who value saving a few dollars over providing high quality work, will resort to using thin gauge eavestrough and small downspouts. These thin gauge materials are on the market to supply the very competitive new housing market with cheap materials where quality work is not always important.