The next thing that happened to me was finding Anthony Maley, a web designer who lives 4,000 kilometres away from me in Nelson, British Columbia. I won’t get in to how I heard about him but I instantly liked my dealings with him over the phone. We set out to build a website, and his talent was evident from the beginning! He is remarkable! With a bit of bias, I believe he designed for me the best website of any eavestrough company in southwestern Ontario!

The website has been through some minor revisions and page changes. However, we believe that the old website has served us well and it is time to retire it. We are building a new website that will be mobile friendly as well, for all our customers who find us on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Here is the amazing thing. I never met Anthony Maley until last month! I have family in Nelson and, sadly, one of them passed away so I had to go for the funeral. While there, I met with Anthony and his lovely wife. We discussed business AND what a lovely city Nelson is. Anthony and his wife are pictured below:

Their home is amazing! If I could move to Nelson, BC, I would do it in a heartbeat! Look at the view from their front window!

How would you like to wake up, sit in your living room chair by the fire, have a coffee, and look at that every day? Frankly, I’m jealous! After meeting Anthony and his wife, I am more thankful than ever to give them my business. They are amazing, caring, and giving people!

What Anthony has done for my business is nothing short of spectacular! I am always on the front page of Google and last year I spent most of my time in the loneliest spot……#1!!!! LOL We were so outrageously busy last year, I phoned Anthony up to “complain” that I never thought it would be a curse being number one on Google. Here is a picture of Anthony and I together:

I get customers telling me all the time what a great website I have. Honestly, Anthony is the man behind it! Now it’s time to move on with the new website! I am looking forward to it! If you would like to contact Anthony Maley, his website is:

In closing, here is a picture of Anthony at work in his office:

Of course, I have to add my information here too! If you would like a quote or information about eavestrough, contact The Eavestrough Company at or phone us at 905-966-2564.